Edward Snowden: {Topic} Surveillance State of United States

Conservative Wisconsin Native - Boomer Generation

Conservative Wisconsin Native – Boomer Generation

US revoked Snowden’s passport on Sat. The Russian government has been notified by the embassy in Moscow that Snowden no longer has a valid U.S. passport and that the U.S. “desires to have him deported”. May spend night in Ecuadorian embassy.


Woot for our New Human Overlords and their obstructive abuses into the private lives of each of us as citizens.

NSA surveillance: don’t underestimate the extraordinary power of metadata —The Guardian

The internet should not have “wiretaps” (link: to Snowden News and arising Survaillence State in America) in place for private conversations. Within the bill they want the private companies to pay for the ability to wiretap the customers they are providing the communication of the internet to. Second the government decided it would be too costly to monitor everyone so they are going to only monitor the providers and services that are large enough that they “are on their radar”, Which is silly to say that only the popular places are to be monitored since extremists and child porn folks I doubt ever use mainstream means of communication and thus the people who lose out are the tax payers who have their privacy invaded over a useless cause and cry of terrorism and child porn and the networks themselves are tied up being the ear to the government and providing the government with daily insight into the minds of the people it intends to manipulate. Sounds like democracy to me right? You decide with your click and attention whether whistle blowers like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning become heros or martyrs towards the cause of continuing to keep the people free from a Surveillance State of United States

Pelosi booed at Netroots while defending espionage charges against Snowden

The News of Edward Snowden being Charged with violating the Espionage Act

Sometimes You Need a Pretty Picture Before You Are Told Hard to Hear News.

Sometimes You Need a Pretty Picture Before You Are Told Hard to Hear News.

….Which is in debate since the United States Citizens are clearly uneasy about being monitored at nearly every communication impasse of their lives what we once thought private is now very public to the National Security Agency of the United States of America. The mass amount of data being collected currently is not only being saved on profiles for those individuals selected from the mass by screening and personal choice from those “leaders” within. The government here in the USA is also amassing intelligence on other countries through the taps of information collected via the stored and shared data collected by those American talking to anyone foreign may you be Swedish or Iraqi there is no longer a difference they have plenty of money they can literally print with no backing that supplies the payments to workers who deem the currency still of value. Heck it is still of value to me since there is some hope we could correct for their poor leadership but the greater point is this. With endless money they can pay endless amounts to their subjects to keep the status quot.

The reason (I believe) the leaders(I don’t even know who exactly but all we would need is to make the secrets public) need to keep surveillance on their subjects is the same reason when raising a bee hive you keep a close eye on the hive and do your best to keep them near flowers and in great health so you can steal 95% of their honey and leave them just perfect and not wanting over the winter so they all survive and are ready to work again the next year without missing the extra honey since there is so much to do again.

Read More Like Articles “Edward Snowden is one of us. Bradley Manning is one of us. They are young, technically minded people from the generation that Barack Obama betrayed. They are the generation that grew up on the Internet, and were shaped by it.”

— The Treatment of Edward Snowden Puts American Totalitarianism on Show —

Now Julian Assange is on the Bandwagon to boot. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange urges support for Snowden, slams Obama

On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden | Who is actually bringing ‘injury to America’: those who are secretly building a massive surveillance system or those who inform citizens that it’s being done? | Glenn Greenwald — The BBC Take